|-♥ Me, Myself and I ♥-|

...this is me...

“To me, Jaja is a moody but cute girl… Sometimes you just wanna go n hug her n protect her… Other times u just wanna slap her right in her face… sometimes i’m really happy when she’s around… other times i’m just scared of her… that pretty face could turn puffy,red, n angry anytime,anywhere… sometimes ,she makes u laugh until u cry… other times she makes you cry, then make u laugh… sometimes she makes u feel as if u are the only one matters around… other times she plain ignores u… sometimes she eat a lot… sometimes she just don’t eat… other times, she just throw the food into this MPPJ’s mouth… sometimes she sleeps late… many other times she just curled up, like a ball, n sleep soundly… sometimes she’s soft, as soft as baby’s feet, but other times, she’s a tough nut to crack… That’s JAJA for me, perhaps JAJA for u too…
-Anith Farhana Nadzirin-
x-roomate KMPP

:. Thanks a lot Anith!!!.:


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