:. Token of appreciation .:

As salam..

Universal Studio Singapore ( Jun 2012)

:. Aww.. Jatuh hati dgn 'abg hensem' .:
:. Aww.. Jatuh hati dgn ‘abg hensem’ .:



Awesome trip! CHECK!! ❤

Cameron Highlands (19 – 21 Okt 2014)


Note :

Seronok sgt girls outing. Eventho paper exam blm habis tanda!

Port Dickson (9 – 10 Nov 2015)


Note :

Trip pendek je. N blur. Tp fun sgt2, mcm biasa.

Singapore Trip 4D3N [Nov 2015]


Note :

2nd trip actually. This time, twas well spend. Looking fwd for another trip together Alifah.

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